A tool to highten EQ

The Enneagram in Business
A tool to highten EQ

Success in today’s business world is indispensably bound to the aspect of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

This involves intrapersonal intelligence (the ability of clear self-perception) and interpersonal intelligence (to interact effectively with others). The most powerful and insightful tool available to help us develop our EQ is the Enneagram system.

The Enneagram shows us how we can gain new possibilities and competences to compliment those already familiar to ourselves and also help us understand and work well with others. This way we can be more effective in our day-to-day business environment and, at the same time, can gain greater satisfaction and balance in life.

Being effective in business means communicating effectively with people at all levels, within and outside the organizations. Communication is the key every leader and every employee must demonstrate in any company. Therefore it is most important to be aware of our own communication style and how we filter what others say. At the same time we need to be able to put aside our personal perception of life and become aware of how different other people’s perceptions can be.

Although the Enneagram originally came about as a map for self-observation, we also learn from it how different types of people can learn to communicate effectively, perform well in teams, manage conflict, and lead with compassion. The way to use the Enneagram system for success in these areas is by knowing ourselves and others as they actually are, in order to bring out the best in ourselves. (Dr. Lapid- Bogda, organization development consultant and author)

“If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail”
Abraham Maslow

It is a matter of fact that every personality type is motivated in a different manner and has a different style of working and communicating. Whoever is fully aware of their own style and flexible enough to understand and adapt to other styles, will be the most successful. Many companies and organisations in all parts of the world have realized this and are teaching the Enneagram to their leaders and employees. They have found out how much it helps all who are acquainted with this model to understand and recognise different views, needs and priorities, and to react in a sympathetic and competent manner. In times of stress the Enneagram system helps team members to keep communication upright and to show appreciation and understanding for fellow colleagues.

The Enneagram Benchmark Report 2011  documents the findings of a questionnaire from 72 internationally active companies, including General Motors, Toyota, Daimler and Mitsubishi, who all came to the conclusion that working with the Enneagram in business had greatly improved human interrelationship and emotional intelligence. Team-work had become easier, intercommunication between employees and management more effective and conflicts were now being solved faster.