Coaching is a useful way of developing people’s abilities and skills, and of reaching their full potential.


No wind serves him who addresses his voyage to no certain port. (Michel de Montaigne)

It can also help deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems.

Coaching can help you …..

  • to find new perspectives and alternative behavioural options
  • to achieve your aspired goals
  • to make decisions and implement them
  • to recognize unreal, supposed limitations and constraints and break through them.

Examples of situations where you can benefit from coaching:

You are facing important decisions
You are wondering what skills you need in order to grow and to develop further
You want to benefit from all your potential resources
You are being confronted with conflict at home or at work
You want to prepare for a new challenge in life
You want to get a more profound understanding of your leadership style
You want to come to a better understanding of your role in a team
You want to achieve a better balance between work life and home life
You want to re-examine your personal life planning
You want to improve your self-management skills.

If you are facing a similar challenge and you have come to the conclusion that you want to reflect upon your current situation in life and make some changes, then I can be of support to you and accompany you for part of this journey, at my practice or via Skype.
Please contact me for further information and for scheduling an appointment. The first consultation is without obligation and free of charge.