A Journey of Discovery

How do I find my Personality Type?
A Journey of Discovery

When you first come into contact with the Enneagram system and read about the nine personality types, you will probably find something of yourself in all of them. That’s not really surprising as the Enneagramm covers the whole spectrum of human nature.

However, our determining characteristics are bound to only one particular type, and it remains the same throughout our lifetime. Nevertheless, our type-based characteristics may soften or become more pronounced as we develop. We must also keep in mind that the Enneagram- such as all other typologies- does not refer to a definite person but to a definite personality pattern, which this person has.

If you would like to find out about your personality type, it is possible to take a test. However, it must be said that no test can give you a 100% definite statement regarding your personality type. If you would like to take a test, I recommend the RHETI test (Riso Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator)! This test is validated by independent research and guarantees the greatest reliability. Nevertheless, an important pre-requisite is that you take the test with realistic self – assessment and not be misled by an ideal of the person that you would like to be.

You can do the English online test directly with the Enneagram Institute in New York www.enneagraminstitute.com., or I can send you a print version of the German translation directly for €9.00, plus post and packaging.
In searching for your particular personality type it is often advisable to have a preliminary interview with a qualified Enneagram coach or have your test results checked by them. I can offer you this choice in a Combi-Offer of test booklet plus telephone explanation (30min) at a cost of €45 – or at €40 without the booklet. If by then your personality type is still not completely clear to you, I can help you to attain more clarity with further detailed questions. Of course we can also hold this interview in a face- to- face personal conversation at my practice.

In the end it is YOU who decides which of the nine types you belong to, as you are the ultimate expert of your personality! In order to work effectively with the Enneagram it is important that you recognise yourself in a certain type and that you can embrace and accept what you have found out about person.

Discovering our personality type is often connected with strong emotions, as parts of our life pattern which until now have remained below the surface, may suddenly come to light. However, as soon as we face up to our ‘blind spots’, we can start on the exciting journey that leads us far beyond our present boundaries set by automatisms and mechanical attitudes.